ACO REACH Organizations

We assist ACO REACH organizations in addressing social determinants of health, reaching out to underserved communities, and in care coordination.
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Saince, a healthcare technology and services provider, offers patient outreach and care coordination services that can significantly support ACO REACH organizations in achieving their program goals and meeting various program expectations, including quality measures, underserved communities, and risk adjustment.

Saince can help organizations with patient outreach. Our team can leverage technology to communicate with patients through multiple channels, including email, text message, and phone calls, to ensure that they receive timely and relevant information about their care including scheduling appointments and appointment reminders. By engaging patients more proactively, organizations can improve patient satisfaction and experience, leading to better health outcomes.

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ACO Reach Model

Saince can assist ACO REACH organizations in addressing social determinants of health and proactively reaching out to underserved communities. Our team can work with organizations to identify the social factors that impact patient health, such as access to timely care, food insecurity, medication availability, and transportation barriers. Our trained care coordinators will proactively reach out to these patients by phone calls, emails, text messages etc. With our use of data analytics and other tools, we can help organizations develop targeted interventions to address these social determinants of health, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Saince can help ACO REACH organizations improve care coordination across their network of providers. Our team can help organizations implement technology solutions that streamline workflows and facilitate communication between providers, including referrals, fulfilment of lab and pharmacy orders, follow up with these outside parties for timely reports and update EMRs accordingly. This leads to more efficient care delivery and better patient outcomes. By leveraging technology to improve care coordination, organizations can reduce unnecessary healthcare costs and improve patient satisfaction.

ACO Reach Model
ACO Reach Model

Saince can support ACO REACH organizations in risk adjustment. ACO Reach places caps on risk score increases year on year. It is critical for provider organizations to track and monitor these risk scores. Our team can help organizations accurately assess and document patient risk levels, which is critical to optimizing financial performance under risk-based payment models. By working with Saince, ACO REACH organizations can ensure that they are capturing patient risk levels accurately and taking advantage of the latest best practices in healthcare delivery. By optimizing risk adjustment, organizations can improve their revenue streams and achieve better financial performance.

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