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Our services help you to focus on patient care and achieve 5 Star rating.

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Saince offers a comprehensive set of solutions and services to health plans and physician offices nationwide that reduce their administrative burden and improve their performance on important quality care measures including HEDIS and Prescription Part D helping them achieve 5 Star rating.
patient outreach and call center services

We offer a nationwide service of patient outreach and call center services to secure maximum engagement with your patients, and build long-term retention which is key to becoming a 5 Stars medical center.

Our guiding principle is “an engaged patient, is a healthy patient.” Prospectively engaging with your patients and maintaining close contact with them helps you to take preventive actions for better treatment outcomes. Don’t wait until you hear from them when being admitted to a hospital or worse, when being discharged. Saince has services that help you stay engaged with your patients and stay in contact with them.

Our guiding principle
Comprehensive Reports

The modern and successful practitioner or provider should be an active member of their local community, work with their neighborhoods and members to decrease social determinants and risk factors (also a quality measure from CMS and NCQA).

With our comprehensive set of clinical care quality services, we will call your members on your behalf with timely messages and follow ups. We can:
Confirm, schedule & re-schedule appointments
Manage pharmacy communications & prescription management
Coordinate with external partners (specialists, labs, dentists, transport, etc.)
Coordinate on-site services (diagnostics, wellness visits, etc.)
Easy Integration

With our 360-degree service, you never have to chase a report on your patient that a specialist did not send back to you. Our coordination teams will ensure all the proper documentation is filed in EMR in a timely manner. Doing so is crucial to get your 5 Stars quality rating.

All patients expect a clinician that pays attention to them during consultation. Leave the rest to us and we will do all the heavy lifting for you. Saince will have everything you need in place to get your practice the much needed 5 Star rating.

Easy Integration

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