Saince eFilm Radiology Workstation

The most widely used diagnostic viewing workstation in the world.

Need more info?

Saince Merge eFilm Workstation is a stand-alone workstation solution to view, distribute and manage studies. eFilm Workstation allows users to have a full diagnostic quality workstation, dedicated CD/DVD burning, DICOM printing and an image review station in a low cost and high content solution that is scalable to any organization.

The salient features of Saince eFilm radiology workstation include:

PET/CT Image Display
Pixel-for-Pixel Zoom
True-sized Printing
User Profiles
3D/Volume Rendering
DICOM Printing
Customizable Toolbars
Integrated CD & DVD Creation
Intuitive GUI
Mouse Support
New with eFilm Workstation 4.2.2

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