CDI/HIM Managers
Ease of Querying
With Doc-U-Aide querying is easy and intuitive. Creating new query templates or customizing any of the built-in 300+ query templates can be done in minutes.
Customized Worklists
With Doc-U-Aide you can customize your staff’s worklists as per your needs – payors, units, physicians or any combination of these. Doc-U-Aide also prioritizes certain charts over the others so that you maximize your impact.
Improved Productivity
Doc-U-Aide is proven to improve your CDI staff’s productivity by at least 20%. By integrating the latest technologies in usability engineering we have made the solution intuitive and intelligent.Staff turnover is a reality in the CDI world. But as a CDI manager you want your new staff to become productive ASAP. With Doc-U-Aide your new CDI staff will become fully productive in less than 3 days while with ‘wrap around’ CDI solutions from other vendors they many take weeks. With Doc-U-Aide you will start seeing results immediately. Whether you CDI staff is in-house or remote or both, Doc-U-Aide is flexible enough to meet all your workflow requirements.
Intelligent Dashboards and On-demand Reports
While other solution providers include guarantee the results from their CDI solutions only when you subscribe to their consulting and training programs, we let our solution do all the talking.
Customizable intelligent dashboard puts all critical information at your and your hospital administrations finger tips. What to assess the performance of your CDI program and your staff at regular intervals? On-demand reports can be generated anytime with a click of a button!
Integrated Workflow
Doc-U-Aide can easily integrate with any of your EHR solution thereby offering you a seamless workflow – from CDI specialist to the physician. Doc-U-Aide also provides for print, email, portal and mobile app based workflows.
Quality Review Workflow
Looking to include PSI, HAC and other quality measures into your CDI workflow? Doc-U-Aide automatically identifies PSIs and HACs so that CDI staff’s productivity does not come down because of this new requirement. You don’t have to spend time and resources to train them too, in the new quality reviews because Doc-U-Aide automatically takes care of them.