CEOs and CFOs
Healthcare Revenue Landscape is Changing Fast.
The healthcare industry in the country is in the grip of a great challenge. Irrespective of which way the political pendulum swings, one thing is for sure. Healthcare reimbursements will continue to come under tremendous pressure. The secret to survival for any hospital or health system irrespective of their size is to leverage innovative solutions that improve operational efficiencies and help you to do much more with way less. You need out-of-the-box thinkers because traditional thinking and traditional solution providers will not get you to where you want to be. You need nimble, agile and innovative solutions that take you to the leading edge. Doc-U-Aide is one such solution.
Performance is Guaranteed
We are extremely confident of the positive impact our solution will have on your bottom line, that we guarantee it. If you do not see increased reimbursements within 90 days, we refund your money. No questions asked. We also guarantee 100% ROI within 90 days!
Improved Case Mix Index (CMI)
Doc-U-Aide has improved Case Mix Indices for our customers by up to 10% on average. Your hospital will be no exception. You will see an improvement in a very short time.
Improved Quality Rank
CMS has put all hospitals’ quality scores in the public domain. They are penalties for both low scores as well as non-improving scores. Patients are increasingly looking at these ranks before they go to a hospital. Even private payors too are paying increasing attention to these ranks.
Doc-U-Aide, with its intelligent and intuitive querying process and QA workflows, will improve your hospital’s clinical documentation integrity. It will not only ensure that your hospital gets paid for the level of care you’ve provided but also improves your hospital’s quality scores.
Our EHR vendor provides CDI solution. Why should I look at yours?
You have already made a substantial investment in your EHR solution and went through stressful times while implementing that solution. You see no reason why you would like to go through that exercise again. So, when your EHR vendor comes to you with their CDI solution you would naturally gravitate to that option. But herein lies the compromise. Your EHR vendor’s main focus is EHR and not CDI. In order to up-sell and cross-sell they include some CDI features into their core product. CDI for them is an afterthought. These ‘wrap around’ solutions are not designed for making the CDI program in your hospital successful.
Doc-U-Aide is different. It is our core product and its sole purpose is to help your hospital improve documentation integrity, increase reimbursements and improve quality scores. It is designed ground up just for that purpose. Don’t settle for less because you can do way better with much less money.
We guarantee you a vastly superior solution at a much lower price.