CIOs and CTOs
Ease of Integration
Doc-U-Aide can easily integrate with all leading EHRs like Epic, Cerner, Meditech etc. We have standardized our interfaces with each of these vendors so you do not pay us for any interface. With a team of exceptionally talented integration engineers we can deliver even custom interfaces quickly and efficiently.
Onsite or Cloud Deployment
Doc-U-Aide can be deployed onsite at your location or in the cloud. Our private cloud infrastructure is located in a datacenter with unmatched safety and security. List the certifications.
EHR and Encoder Vendor Solutions
You have already made a substantial investment in your EHR solution and went through stressful times while implementing that solution. You see no reason why you would like to go through that exercise again. So, when your EHR vendor comes to you with their CDI solution you would naturally gravitate to that option. But herein lies the compromise. Your EHR vendor’s main focus is EHR and not CDI. In order to up-sell and cross-sell they include some CDI features into their core product. CDI for them is an afterthought. These ‘wrap around’ solutions are not designed for making the CDI program in your hospital successful.
Doc-U-Aide is different. It is our core product and its sole purpose is to help your hospital improve documentation integrity, increase reimbursements and improve quality scores. It is designed ground up just for that purpose. Don’t believe us? Call us for a free comparison. If we can’t impress you, the lunch is on us!
Don’t settle for a wrapper, the magic is in the candy!