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Improve patient satisfaction and reduce physician stress.

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Imagine the relief you could get if your doctors and patients were able to focus on what really matters. Imagine how much less stress there would be in the room. With a scribe’s help, physicians will be able to see twice as many patients in the same amount of time. A scribe’s intention is to create a better experience for everyone in the room.
Medical scribes help doctors, nurse practitioners and other clinicians improve productivity and efficiency while significantly improving the quality of care they provide to patients. Scribes relieve busy physicians from administrative tasks, freeing them up to take care of their patients, who in turn reap benefits in more time with their provider, improved doctor-patient communication, and more attentive care.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by employing high quality and experienced medical scribes with extensive professional training. Due to their extensive training, they can increase the quality of your clinical documentation. As a customer of Saince, you will have access to a team of medical scribes who will quickly become familiar with the documentation styles of your physicians.

Hire a medical scribe from Saince so that you can improve your patients’ satisfaction and reduce physician stress!

Some of the benefits of using Saince’s medical scribes are:

Improved Documentation
Improved Patient Care
Improved Patient Satisfaction Scores
Improved Physician Satisfaction Scores
Improved Physician Efficiency

Disadvantages of physicians working on documentation

Spending less time with patients

One-third of a doctor’s time may be spent on a computer screen, away from their patients while in the examination room.

Loss of Income

Physicians in a hurry or frustration could create inadequate and incorrect documentation which may significantly lower insurance reimbursements. Time spent on documentation also reduces the time available for physicians to see more patients resulting in loss of revenue.

Physicians are getting burned out

Various studies and surveys have shown that data input and EMR charting are signification contributors for physician burnout. Documentation alone can take two to three extra hours out of a doctor’s workday. There is less time for friends and family, and personal time as a result.

Saince provides experienced and skilled medical scribes to your facility so that you can significantly increase your patient satisfaction, improve revenues and reduce physician burnout.

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