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5 Stars Medical Centers.

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Saince offer a national service of Patient Outreach and Call Center to secure maximum ENGAGEMENT and long-term RETENTION, this is the key to become a 5 stars Medical Center.
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In todays and tomorrow healthcare system, is crucial to engage and retain you members. Our say is “an engaged patient, is a healthy patient” because of the preventive measures and close contact developed with your members, don’t wait until you heard from them when being admitted to a hospital or worse when being discharged.

The modern and successful practitioner or provider should be an active member of their local medical center community, acknowledge and work with your neighborhood and members to decrease social determinants and risk factors (also a quality measure from CMS and NCQA).

CMS & HHS Risk Score Adjustment
Comprehensive Reports

SAINCE on behalf of your practice, will engage and educate your members, with the mentality of office and your system to practice medicine. Is your vision and mission, powered by our specialized and structured human and artificial intelligence.

With our call center services, we will call your member on your behalf, with the message of your need, from a phone number familiar to them, we can confirm appointments, schedule, re-schedule, billing, coding, pharmacy communications and prescription management, referral coordination, coordination of all medical services out of you location such as specialty consults, pharmacy, diagnostics, dental and their transportation.

Maintain Revenue Integrity
Easy Integration

As well the coordination of all your on-site services such as diagnostics, dental, pharmacy, wellness, social.
Never chase a report that your specialist did not send back, our coordination teams will ensure all the proper documentation is filed in their respective EMRs section, crucial to get QUALITY 5 Stars Rating.

All patients expect a clinician that pays attention to them during the consult, free your hands from computers, look to your patient in the eye for 5 minutes. SAINCE will have everything you need in place in your EMR.

Easy Integration

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