Inspire Teleradiology

Access any image, at any time, on any device.

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Inspire Teleradiology

Saince teleradiology solution allows radiologists to access their studies from anywhere and at any time.
Radiologists can report studies from multiple locations by sitting at one location. This eliminates travel and confinement to modality console; saves time, increases throughput and productivity.
Our teleradiology solution will allow you to access studies on your desktops or laptops. Our web based teleradiology software eliminates the need to install any software on your system.
Only an internet connection will take care of your viewing and reporting needs.

Discover True Innovation

The depth of innovation in our PACS include:

  • Sophisticated Web and instant messenger-type technology enable radiologists and referring physicians to securely access images and patient information when they want, wherever they want – thus eliminating frustration and wasted time spent tracking down information.
  • An elegant architecture with engineers out the complexity inherent in legacy PACS results in fewer moving parts, fewer points of failure, greater reliability, and increased end-user satisfaction.
  • Personalized workflow management makes it possible to create a vast number of custom workflows for everyone involved in the radiology round trip. For the radiologist, this means optimized reading patterns and enhanced communication. For the referring physician, this means quicker results and better service Images, priors, reports, and all relevant patient information are available within a single powerful Web-based workstation that provides both the radiologist and the referring physician with the right tools for their review – no matter where either physician is located – with a common user interface.
  • Patient exams are ability to track and distributed in real time, thus giving all constituents visibility into their patients’ status in the imaging workflow.
  • Proactive monitoring and reporting on any desktop enables staff to quickly react to issues before they become visible end users.
  • Unmatched integration with other systems and devices.

Features & Benefits

Discover True Workflow With RealTime WorklistTM
  • Personalized real-time view
  • Instantaneous status notification
  • Prospective “intelligent” retrieval
Discover True Productivity With the Halo ViewerTM
  • Single viewer for all end users
  • Intrinsic 3D toolset including MPR, MIP, color volume, and capture
  • Sophisticated mammography workflow tools
  • Advanced multi-step hanging protocols and study presentation states
  • Robust spine labeling
  • Unlimited prior review
Reduce Costs While Improving Efficiency
  • Single server
  • Forever priors
  • Off-the-shelf hardware

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