Proven Benefits To Practices, Hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks

Saince’ technology platform provides proven benefits to physician practices, hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) of all sizes. Our HIPAA-compliant technology includes flexible dictation options, state-of-the-art speech recognition, transcription workflow management, built-in productivity tools and automated document delivery including EHR interfaces and electronic signatures.
Information Governance in the area of health information management is of critical importance. Clinical information is a strategic asset that requires high level oversight in order to be able to effectively use it for organizational decision-making, performance improvement, cost management, and risk mitigation. Saince’s platform tools and reports that can help you in your hospital’s information governance program.


Why Saince technology scores better than others:

  1. On-demand turnaround time reports with performance analytics
  2. On-demand billing reports by facility, work-type, physician etc.
  3. Quality audit scores and performance improvement metrics
  4. Single portal for workflow management and management reporting
  5. Real-time workflow updates and status reporting
  6. Speech recognition profile creation and administration from within the portal
  7. Integrated dictation capture – phone, voice recorders, mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  8. Edit and eSign reports from mobile app

Improved Performance, Increased Efficiency And Reduced Costs

  • Integrate and consolidate clinical documentation across the network
  • 100% web-based software eliminates the need for expensive server and software licenses
  • Real time, on-demand billing reports provide unprecedented transparency into the billing process
  • Use existing telephone login IDs and Keypad configurations
  • Code and bill for services faster following a shorter transcription turnaround time
  • Receive automatic upgrades and stay at the forefront of innovation at no extra cost
  • No annual maintenance costs or licensing fees
  • Efficient platform workflow management yields more on-time reports
  • On-demand turnaround time (TAT) reports provide insight and accountability
  • Interfaces with ADT and EHR systems for document delivery
  • Ensure Data Integrity and Information Governance
  • Detailed Audit Logs
  • Industry leading privacy and security features
  • Connect securely via VPN, SSL or other encryption
  • Collect reports through a secure Web portal or via automatic delivery
  • Receive automatic document delivery confirmation (or failure) certificates
  • Support standards-based as well as common data formats (PCM/WAV, DSS, RTF, DOC, PDF)
  • Rely on top-tier data center hosting with redundant data storage, redundant power, multiple Internet connections and disaster recovery plans
  • Improves Physician and HIM Staff Satisfaction
  • Enjoy powerful, attractive and easy-to-use software
  • Depend on convenient access and reliable service
  • Review documents prior to printing and download with online editing capabilities and electronic signatures
  • Empower one-click rejection/return to production QA process

Increase Productivity and Reduce Chart Completion Time with Mobile App

Saince’s innovative mobile apps (iPhones, iPads and Android) enable to physicians to dictate on the go without depending on the quality of the cell phone signal. This innovative technology results in superior quality voice files compared to traditional landlines. Files are secured using industry leading encryption methodology and are transferred over secure lines to our servers.
Physicians can also access transcribed reports through the same mobile app and can review the reports, edit them if needed and eSign them on the go. This workflow significantly reduces chart completion time and positively impacts patient care as well as revenue cycle.
mobile apps for transcibed reports

Speech Recognition

Increase physician efficiency, improve quality and reduce turnaround time

Building on the legacy of back-end speech recognition, the new Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) service is more accurate than ever ‐ and it now recognizes more than just speech and basic context. The business value comes from bridging that gap between good ASR and the requirements of quality transcription. For example, most physicians don’t dictate periods. Even if word recognition were perfect, that leaves a lot of cognitive, time-consuming work for an MT to find sentence boundaries. Then, a fresh reading is required to find internal punctuation, like commas.
The artificial intelligence (AI) behind the new ASR technology can find many of those periods, appropriately correct the capitalization and even insert some commas. Text is placed in the document template under the appropriate heading and synchronized with the audio playback for easier editing. Significant time is shaved from the production process by making the draft easier to read, understand and edit.
The AI engine developed to add this value provides similar recognition for numbered lists and other formatting elements common in medical reports but which may not be dictated. Most speech recognition products learn over time. In particular, they learn how an author sounds when they dictate. The new ASR technology takes that learning to an entirely new level by anticipating what authors dictate and when. By accumulating and applying this knowledge, the improvements are deeper and more effective. And, unlike some speech recognition vendors in the transcription industry who have given up the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor environment, we have accomplished all these advancements while staying true to our roots with a powerful transcription-centric editor that displays like it prints.

Customizable Templates

Saince’s transcription platform enables the creation and utilization of custom templates, or emulate your current report templates.
Saince’s platform also provides numerous tools to enhance the look and feel of your reports and provides robust document routing and e-signing features.
Automated document distribution including simultaneous printing at multiple locations, faxing or HIPAA compliant email or any of these combinations.
speech recognition transcription platform

EHR Integration

Design seamless and flexible workflows

To meet Meaningful Use requirements, it is important to capture physician narrative within your electronic structured data environment. Saince’s technology allows our customer to meet this goal by building bi-directional interfaces easily with ADT, EHR/EMR or other HIS systems.
Customers will also have the option of using our flexible dictation options and our medical language specialists can transcribe the dictation directly into your EHR/EMR systems.
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