What are the 4 greatest challenges facing radiology right now?

Dr. Raman Uberoi is the new Medical Director, Professional Practice (MDPP) for Clinical Radiology at the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). In this article, he speaks about the future of radiology, what leadership means to him, and how he sees the RCR developing over the coming years. Some of the main challenges the following are […]

Newly identified mechanism can accelerate the development of STING-activating drugs using imaging

A new study from scientists at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that emerging drugs that activate the protein STING, substantially alter the activity of metabolic pathways responsible for generating the nucleotide building blocks for DNA.  Researchers found that alterations occur in cancer cells and can be visualized using FLT positron emission tomography (PET) […]

Radiology leaders share 5 pearls of wisdom for navigating burnout

COVID-19 has “without a doubt” amplified burnout, according to Cheri Canon, MD, a radiologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  And while most rads were spared direct contact with COVID-19 patients, abrupt changes to everyday life outside of work have also contributed to burnout. But healthcare providers often come together during crises, and Canon […]

New deep learning method boosts MRI results without requiring new data

A team of researchers from Washington University in St. Louis has found a new deep learning method that can minimize artifacts and other noise in MRI images that come from movement and a short image-acquisition time. Deep learning learns directly from the training data how to determine the signal from artifacts and noise, or variations […]

Deep learning model automates brain tumor classification

Recently, scientists from the US developed a model capable of classifying numerous intracranial tumour types without the need for a scalpel. The model, called a convolutional neural network (CNN), uses deep learning – a type of machine learning algorithm found in image recognition software – to recognize these tumours in MR images, based on hierarchical […]

What do Orthopedic surgeons seek in a quality radiology report?

Orthopedic surgeons at NHS, UK highlighted a list of what they believe to be essential elements of a clear and concise musculoskeletal radiology report. Those include a structured format, consistent nature, and clarification in confirming a diagnosis or recommendations for further diagnostic tests. They advised radiologists to provide a summary of key findings at the […]

Are X-rays after knee replacement unnecessary?

More than 99% of X-rays after total knee replacement surgery appear to be unnecessary, costing the healthcare system millions, according to a new analysis. Gathering radiographs following this operation is common practice, but there is little data on the usefulness of these exams, experts wrote in The Knee. Wanting to better understand this practice, Brigham […]

Portable MRI device offers key data for stroke treatment

Yale University has found in a study that a portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device could aid in detecting intracranial hemorrhages associated with stroke. The Portable Point-of-Care MRI system provides potentially life-saving data, especially in areas or cases where access to advanced brain imaging scans is limited. The team is currently examining the ability of […]

Cancer radiation treatment at high-volume centers associated with improved survival

Treatment at high-volume radiation therapy facilities correlated with improved survival among select patients with common malignancies, according to study results published in Cancer. Patients who receive radiation therapy in the definitive setting without surgery may benefit most from treatment at high-volume centers, researchers wrote. The researchers called for further research into why patients treated at […]

The future of vascular imaging technology

Researchers from Kyoto University Hospital a describe the future of vascular imaging technology, including how photoacoustic imaging targets tumour vessels in breast cancer. By visualizing the state of blood vessels within a disease, it may be possible to detect the disease at an early stage and monitor the effects of treatment. Photoacoustic imaging may be […]