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Clinical Documentation Improvement & Medical Transcription Services.
Customizable Templates,Transcription Platform - By Saince
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Saince, Inc. | Privacy Policy
CDI-Engage/ 1 pages
Saince CDI Engage
CDI-Plus/ 1 pages
CDI-Pro/ 1 pages
CDI-Vantage/ 1 pages
are-hospitals-missing-the-woods-for-the-trees-a-classic-example-of-clinical-documentation-2/ 1 pages
Are hospitals missing the woods for the trees? A classic example of clinical documentation -
blog/ 1 pages
Medical Transcription,Clinical Documentation Improvement,Digital Imaging.
2/ 1 pages
Medical Transcription,Clinical Documentation Improvement,Digital Imaging.
3/ 1 pages
Medical Transcription,Clinical Documentation Improvement,Digital Imaging.
4/ 1 pages
Medical Transcription,Clinical Documentation Improvement,Digital Imaging.
careers/ 1 pages
Careers -
cdi-engage/ 1 pages
CDI Engage,CDI,Clinical Document Improvement, CDI Program Service.
cdi-pro/ 1 pages
CDI Pro Service-Auditing Service,Designing,Improvement Of CDI Program.
cdi-services/ 1 pages
CDI services such as CDI Pro, CDI Vintage, CDI PLus, CDI Engage -
cdi-solutiondoc-u-aide/ 1 pages
Customizable Doc-U-Aide CDI Solution Designed by CDI Specialists.
clinical-document-improvement-cdi-plus/ 1 pages
CDI Plus,CDI Program,Clinical Quality Improvement,CDI Chart Review
clinical-document-improvementcdi-vantage/ 1 pages
CDI Vantage,Clinical Document Improvement,CDI services,CDI Program.
clinical-documentation-improvement-opportunities-in-outpatient-physician-settings/ 1 pages
Clinical Documentation Improvement Opportunities in Outpatient Physician Settings -
clinical-documentation-physician-burnout/ 1 pages
Clinical Documentation and Physician Burnout -
cms-is-set-to-release-single-star-hospital-overall-quality-ratings-soon/ 1 pages
CMS is set to release single star hospital overall quality ratings soon -
cms-launches-pick-your-pace-options-for-physicians-as-part-of-quality-payment-program/ 1 pages
CMS launches 'Pick Your Pace' options for physicians as part of Quality Payment Program -
cms-releases-lookup-tool-to-help-clinicians-determine-their-mips-participation-status/ 1 pages
CMS Releases Lookup Tool to Help Clinicians Determine their MIPS Participation Status -
company/ 1 pages
Clinical Documentation Improvement &Transcription Service Provider
contact/ 2 pages
Contact -
Contact -
cost-care-ai-revolutionizing-healthcare-driving-prices/ 1 pages
The Cost of Care: How AI is Revolutionizing Healthcare and Driving Down Prices -
doctor-shortage-crunch-meaningful-time-use/ 1 pages
The Doctor Shortage Crunch and Meaningful Time Use. -
editing-services/ 1 pages
Web Based Dictation/Transcription or Editing Service Provider - Saince.
four-reasons-why-hospitals-have-to-start-an-outpatient-cdi-programs-now/ 1 pages
Four reasons why hospitals have to start outpatient CDI programs now -
front-end-speech-recognition-a-case-of-dime-wise-and-dollar-foolish/ 1 pages
Front End Speech Recognition: A case of dime wise and dollar foolish? -
healthcare-expenses-expected-to-grow-faster-than-gdp-during-the-next-decade/ 1 pages
Healthcare expenses expected to grow faster than GDP during the next decade -
here-are-6-points-you-must-read-before-you-hire-your-next-cdi-resource/ 1 pages
Here are 6 points you must read before you hire your next CDI resource -
hhs-announces-new-medicare-alternative-payment-models-to-reward-better-care-at-lower-cost/ 1 pages
HHS Announces New Medicare Alternative Payment Models to Reward Better Care at Lower Cost -
hospital-outpatient-departments-to-be-impacted-significantly-by-2017-opps-final-rule-from-cms/ 1 pages
Hospital outpatient departments to be impacted significantly by 2017 OPPS Final Rule from CMS -
hospital-readmission-rates-are-falling-across-the-country/ 1 pages
Hospital readmission rates are falling across the country -
hospitals-are-not-ready-for-bundled-payments/ 1 pages
Hospitals are not ready for bundled payments -
efilm-workstation/ 1 pages
eFilm Workstation-Most Widely Used Diagnostic Station Worldwide-Saince
international-solutionsinternational-solutionssaince-ris/ 1 pages
Radiology Information System Workflow That Integrates With Any Pacs
saince-enterprise-pacs/ 1 pages
Pacs-Web & Messenger Type Technology For Radiologists & Physicians.
saince-mobile-access/ 1 pages
Saince Mobile Access - Give Mobility To Your Current Packs.
saince-pacs-in-the-cloud/ 1 pages
Saince Pacs In The Cloud - Cloud Based Imaging Sloution By Saince.
saince-teleradiology-solution/ 1 pages
Teleradiology Solution - Anywhere Access Of Their Studies By Radiologist.
investor-sharing-across-healthcare-delivery-system/ 1 pages
Investor Sharing Across the Healthcare Delivery System -
medical-transcription-is-dead-long-live-medical-transcription/ 1 pages
Medical transcription is dead. Long live medical transcription! -
mips-and-performance-measurement/ 1 pages
MIPS And The Burden Of Performance Measurement -
new-medicare-cards-from-cms/ 1 pages
New Medicare Cards from CMS -
no-respite-to-patients-from-increasing-medical-costs/ 1 pages
No respite to patients from increasing medical costs -
practiceperfect-cdi/ 1 pages
Most Advanced Outpatient CDI Sloution - Practice Perfect CDI - By Saince.
practiceperfect-cdiservices/ 1 pages
Practice Perfect CDI Services - Out Patient CDI Services By Saince.
prevalence-consequences-medical-errors-american-medicine/ 1 pages
The Prevalence, Consequences, and Solutions of Medical Errors in American Medicine
resource-page/ 1 pages
rise-of-the-machines-artificial-intelligence-in-healthcare/ 1 pages
Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare -
saince-2017-ahima-convention-scavenger-hunt/ 1 pages
Saince 2017 AHIMA Convention Scavenger Hunt -
saince-expands-its-clinical-documentation-improvement-cdi-services-to-us-customers-from-their-global-offices/ 1 pages
Saince expands its Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) services to US customers from their global offices -
saince-participate-89th-annual-ahima-convention-exhibit/ 1 pages
cdi-porgramdoc-u-aide-enterprise/ 1 pages
Doc-U-Aide-Enterprise CDI Program,CDI,Clinical Docuement Improvment.
starting-next-week-all-hospitals-have-to-start-serving-the-moon-to-patients/ 1 pages
Starting next week all hospitals have to start serving the MOON to patients -
submit-resume/ 18 pages
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
Submit Resume -
survey-finds-that-ehrs-many-times-do-not-catch-medication-errors/ 1 pages
Survey finds that EHRs many times do not catch medication errors -
accountable-care-organizations/ 1 pages
Accountable Care Organizations Archives -
aco/ 1 pages
ACO Archives -
bundled-payments/ 1 pages
bundled payments Archives -
cdi/ 1 pages
CDI Archives -
clinical-documentation-improvement/ 1 pages
Clinical Documentation Improvement Archives -
clinical-documentation/ 1 pages
clinical documentation Archives -
cms/ 1 pages
cms Archives -
doctors/ 1 pages
doctors Archives -
healthcare-delivery-industry/ 1 pages
Healthcare Delivery Industry Archives -
healthcare/ 1 pages
Healthcare Archives -
hospitals/ 1 pages
hospitals Archives -
icd-10/ 1 pages
ICD-10 Archives -
macra/ 1 pages
MACRA Archives -
medicaid/ 1 pages
medicaid Archives -
medical-transcription/ 1 pages
medical transcription Archives -
medicare/ 1 pages
Medicare Archives -
mips/ 1 pages
MIPS Archives -
opps/ 1 pages
OPPS Archives -
outpatient-cdi/ 1 pages
outpatient CDI Archives -
outpatient/ 1 pages
outpatient Archives -
pay-for-performance/ 1 pages
pay for performance Archives -
physicians/ 1 pages
physicians Archives -
pqrs/ 1 pages
PQRS Archives -
transcription/ 1 pages
transcription Archives -
value-based-healthcare/ 1 pages
value based healthcare Archives -
value-based-purchasing/ 1 pages
value based purchasing Archives -
value-based/ 1 pages
value based Archives -
tdcd-2/ 1 pages
template-driven-clinical-documentation/ 1 pages
Save Upto 50 Percent Your Clinical Documentation Costs - By TDCD
transcription-services/ 1 pages
High Quality Accurate Transcription Services & End To End Transcription.
us-healthcare-providers-seem-to-be-doing-fine-under-the-new-healthcare-law/ 1 pages
US Healthcare providers seem to be doing fine under the new healthcare law -
us-life-expectancy-hasnt-changed-much-where-did-the-health-dollars-go/ 1 pages
Life expectancy in US hasn't changed much. Where did all the health dollars go? -
verbatim-from-saince/ 1 pages
Verbatim Speech Recognition Software,Clean Verbatim Transcription.
what-are-doctors-up-to-these-days-2/ 1 pages
What are doctors up to, these days! -
why-hospitals-have-to-urgently-redesign-their-revenue-departments/ 1 pages
Why Hospitals have to urgently redesign their revenue departments -
why-it-makes-sense-to-review-your-transcription-services/ 1 pages
Why it makes sense to review your transcription services -