4D flow imaging as a predictive tool for aortic disease

Sep 29, 2021 Radiology Updates

4D flow magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has the potential to identify patients with a higher risk of severe complications from aortic degeneration Northwestern Medicine study published. The study employed a new 4D flow MRI heatmap concept to detect abnormal aortic wall shear stress, a known stimulus for arterial wall dysfunction.

This publication showcases data to validate 4D flow imaging as a clinical predictive tool for bicuspid aortopathy. Clinicians can use this imaging tool and biomarker to help be more precise about prophylactic aortic resection.

Read more: https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210913/Study-suggests-4D-flow-imaging-as-a-clinical-predictive-tool-for-aortic-disease.aspx

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