A new model for radiology virtual consultations

Jul 23, 2021 Radiology Updates

A group of U.S. researchers found that virtual consultations can improve radiology’s value by enabling face-to-face visits among radiologists, primary care physicians (PCPs), and their patients.

In the study participating radiologists could accept consultations through a video- and microphone-enabled PACS station in the hospital. Moreover, the visits lasted just eight minutes each on average. The radiologist discussed the imaging findings and answered any questions about the findings or follow-up recommendations with the patient and the PCP.

Their study demonstrates the feasibility of point-of-care virtual radiology consultations in primary care settings and provides preliminary data on the benefit of such a practice mode.

Read the full article : https://www.auntminnie.com/index.aspx?sec=ser&sub=def&pag=dis&ItemID=133006

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