The Doctor Shortage Crunch and Meaningful Time Use.

Sep 13, 2017 Healthcare

 shortage of doctors

Today USA is facing a major shortage of doctors. The Association of American Medical Colleges has estimated that by 2025 the doctor shortage in the US will have increased to between between 46,100 and 90,400 doctors! This critical shortage becomes even more pronounced when a physician has to complete documentation in EMR and perform a host of other administrative tasks which take up most of the their productive time. Well intended regulations like HITECH Act, and financial incentives for “meaningful use” have allowed poorly designed and inefficient EMR / EHR technologies to encroach on their valuable time. Many doctors, who already find themselves struggling with their patient loads, are seeing their time increasingly eaten away by complicated and difficult to navigate EHRs and CD systems. Saince is embarking on integrating artificial intelligence into its CD solutions in an effort to alleviate this time crunch.

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