First TULSA Procedure Performed at Yale New Haven Hospital

Aug 22, 2021 Radiology Updates

On July 13, the first transurethral localized sonographic ablation (TULSA) procedure was performed at Yale New Haven Hospital.

TULSA is a minimally-invasive procedure, performed with the patient under anesthesia, to treat localized prostate cancer while protecting tissue surrounding the prostate. It uses heat generated by a high intensity ultrasound to kill cancer cells. MRI guidance and MR thermometry are used during the TULSA procedure.

Almost all other ablation technologies require transrectal ultrasound guidance, so TULSA is unique in that it ablates prostate tissue through the urethra.

Multiple studies have also shown this technology to have excellent efficacy in treating lower-grade prostate cancers because of its whole-gland approach, while maintaining a superior risk profile because of the treatment area precision that MRI guidance provides. 

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