Here are 6 points you must read before you hire your next CDI resource

Many CDI Managers insist on having all their CDI staff onsite. Having all your staff in-house in many instances can be counter productive.

Here are 6 points on why you should also consider remote CDI specialists in your staffing mix:

  1. You will have access to a much larger talent pool to hire from enabling to you hire better quality candidates
  2. Most of the time the overall cost of remote staff is lower compared to the cost of onsite resources because of reduced overheads
  3. You will enjoy improved productivity because of minimal distractions
  4. Insisting on having on CDI staff onsite means you must hire talent available locally. In smaller cities and towns, the pool of available resources is limited, so you must hire people with limited or no experience and spend time, effort and money to train them
  5. During this training period, which can take substantial amount of time, you will have a big drop in productivity. This will significantly slow your department’s ability to achieve its goals
  6. Having remote resources means you can lower the staff churn in your department because trained CDI specialists are in high demand and your neighboring hospital is always ready to hire your trained staff!

Here are the findings from the most recent (2016) survey conducted by ACDIS:

  1. 70% of the respondents felt the query rate is the same or better with remote staff compared to onsite staff
  2. 69% of the respondents felt the query response rate is the same or better with remote staff compared to onsite staff
  3. 70% of the respondents felt the productivity is same or better with remote staff compared to onsite staff

At Saince we give you the best of both worlds! We can provide you with experienced and certified CDI staff, all of whom work from our offices in Atlanta, GA in a fully HIPAA compliant location. They are remote for you but are onsite for us but will work under your supervision. We have a great QA team consisting of physician CDI specialists, coding CDI specialists and RN CDI specialists to help and guide them. You are guaranteed of excellent quality chart reviews and savings of up to 20% on current costs!

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