High-Energy X-Rays Show Lung Vessels Altered by COVID-19

Nov 7, 2021 Radiology Updates

Using high-energy X-rays emitted by a special type of particle accelerator, scientists have intricately captured the damage caused by COVID-19 to the lungs’ smallest blood vessels.

Due to this intense brilliance, researchers can view blood vessels five microns in diameter (a tenth of the diameter of a hair) in an intact human lung. A clinical CT scan only resolves blood vessels that are about 100 times larger, around 1mm in diameter.

By combining our molecular methods with the HiP-CT multiscale imaging in lungs affected by COVID-19 pneumonia they understood the impact it has on oxygen levels in our circulatory system

Read more: https://www.hospimedica.com/covid-19/articles/294790408/high-energy-x-rays-emitted-by-special-particle-accelerator-show-lung-vessels-altered-by-covid-19.html

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