Why it makes sense to review your transcription services

Clinical documentation service is a cost center and not a revenue center. Hence in the eyes of the hospital’s management it always takes a lower priority and is always put off to a later time. However, now more than ever, it makes huge sense to revisit your clinical documentation services.

1) Poor quality documentation can really hurt you – with the transition from Fee-for-Service to Value Based reimbursements, the importance of high quality documentation has increased exponentially. Poor quality documentation can not only impact patient care but can also affect your hospital’s quality rankings and reimbursements.

2) Technology has advanced a great deal in clinical documentation – transcription is no longer what it used to be. Technology has really impacted this area in a big way. With the availability of apps based dictation, document editing and eSigning features on smart devices, physicians are becoming more efficient and effective.

3) With the use of speech recognition technology services have become cheaper and staff have become more productive. With Cloud based technologies, licensing fee, hardware costs and annual maintenance fee have become obsolete.

4) Slow turnaround causes you pain – if you are reports are not getting turned around within the stipulated time, it could impact patient care, slow down your revenue cycle, cause physician frustration, and you could be out of compliance.

5) Lack of transparency creates doubt – modern solutions can provide on-demand and customized performance reports that let you dive deep into data, generating valuable insights for you and your hospital.

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